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I saw a woman recently on a tv show using what looked like an acrylic ruler with slits cut into it. She put her rotary cutter in one of the slits and cut a straight line on a fabric strip. She then put the cut outs together to make diamonds or something like that. I'm trying to find out where I might be able to purchase a ruler like that. Quarter Cut Template - Checker Distributors Use as traditional quilting rulers or cut in slots. Use cutting slots to safely cut multiple strips quickly and accurately. Turn the ruler after strips are cut to complete squares, triangles, diamonds and hexagons. Cutting slots great for cutting perfect fringe. Right or left handed use. Aprrox 12in x 9in. Rotary Cutting Rulers | JOANN

A Small Square Ruler Can Be Handy For Marking And Cutting

Mini Square Set-R2465 | Omnigrid Sets - The Omnigrid mini square ruler set includes one each of three square quilting rulers: the 2-1/2” square, the 4-1/2” square and the 6-1/2” square. 4" x 18" OmniAngle-RA418 | Omnigrid Specialty Rulers - Non-Slip Wedge RulerSix wedge sizes in one ruler (9°, 10°, 18°, 22 1/2°, 36° and 45°)Wedge cutting instructions printed on rulerUse to create fans, circles and spiralsMake round pot holders, placemats, tablecloths, spiral …

Omnigrid Standard Rulers - The Omnigrid® 6” x 24” ruler is the standard, all- purpose ruler for cutting every shape when quilting – strips, borders and bias pieces ...

This video walks you through the step by step how to use tips and techniques of working with Quilters Slidelock non-slip quilting rulers. Highlights include... Quilting rulers Rock. All the fancy cuts are figured out for… Quilting rulers are the t hird essential cutting tool for quilting.Having a suitable ruler is as necessary as having a sharp blade in the rotary cutter or a self-healing cutting mat to protect your table top. Shape Cut Slotted Ruler | Hobby Lobby | 880989 With Shape Cut Slotted Ruler from June Tailor, you can cut multiple quilting shapes in perfect half inch increments quickly and accurately. It's easy to use. Simply place the ruler on fabric and cut in desired slots. Handy Helper for Quilting ~ Shape Cut Slotted Ruler

Fun strip quilts, 4 ways + a cutting tip (and a sale!) -…

June Tailor® Quarter Cut™ Ruler Demonstration Video - YouTube Learn how to use June Tailor's Quarter Cut™ Ruler. Cut multiple quilting shapes in perfect 1/4 increments quickly and accurately. ... • Easy to use; simply place on fabric and cut in desired ... June Tailor Shape Cut Slotted Ruler Pro - Quilt in a Day Use with rotary cutter and mat to cut multiple strips and squares accurately and evenly. The new ruler has slats every 2 1/2 for cutting 2 1/2 strips. Cut in every other slot to make 5 charm squares. You can also make 10 Layer Cake Squares! Outside June Tailor | R Shape Cut Rulers Cut multiple quilting shapes in perfect 1/4", 1/2", 1" or 2-1/2" increments quickly and accurately. Begin by cutting strips to desired width then turn ruler to sub-cut into squares, triangles, diamonds or hexagons. Also great for cutting bias strips and fringe. Use with a June Tailor® rotary cutting mat and 45 mm rotary cutter.